How to fix back pain at home? Best exercises


How to fix your back pain at home??Here’s the solution!!

How to fix  back pain at home is a program developed by Rick Kaselj, to help you in relieve your back pains!

Who is Rick Kaselj??

Rick, a leading injury specialist, who specializes in exercise rehabilitation and fitness. He works in one-on-one and group rehabilitation settings, educating and training people who have been injured at work, in car accidents, and during sports activities.

Rick has combined his rehabilitation experience and passion for research to develop a variety of courses and presentations for fitness professionals, Kinesiologists, and healthcare providers.

Among these, he created the amazing “How to fix my back pain” exercises, to help people regain their long lost vitality.

Best stretch to do in the morning

Many of us, wake up to a sore, achy back. According to the case studies, the following simple exercises have proved to be efficient for 95% of the people with back pain either done first thing in the morning or as a break from sitting!

The exercise is the following: simply stand up and place your hands on top of your pelvis. Arch backwards and return back to standing. With each repetition try to go further and further. Your feet should be about hip-width apart.

Deal with the root of the problem, not the symptoms.

Don’t get caught in this twisted back pain cycle, and deal with the root of the problem!

Injury specialists highly recommend us to deal with the root of the problems and the symptoms.

“Neither Strengthening nor Stretching Will Help You
Until Your Lower Back Has Been Reshaped Into a Pain
Free Lumbar Spine.”

While strengthening is important, after your lumbar spine is reshaped into a pain-free area, or else we are just adding more strength to a painful region, making things even worse.


The BR3-Method is short for “Back Reshaping 3-Part Method”. It
was invented by Injury Specialist and Kinesiologist Rick Kaselj, MS
who has over 20 years of hands-on experience, and a Master’s
Degree in Exercise Science.

The BR3 consist of 3 parts:

  1. The first part involves using internal reshaping, that leads to a pain-free lumbar region.
  2. Part two is focusing on reshaping your back from outside, focusing on what we can do to reshape it, so that the lumbar region becomes pain free
  3. Part three focuses on injury-specific exercises. Most therapists do all the same exercises regardless of what the back injury is. About 40% of the exercises are considered to be injury-specific and it is very important to note.

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What others have to say

In addition to chiropractic care I recommend that patients with low back pain perform stretches and exercises that will help them fight chronic pain.
The trick is executing the movements that actually help instead of making the condition worse.

This is where my friend Rick Kaselj and Fix My Back Pain come into play.
FMBP offers nutrition guidelines, lifestyle tips and efficient plug-in workouts that anyone can follow to help them get injury and pain free.

Dr Charles
Certified Wellness Practitioner Chiropractic Physician Best Selling Health Author

Hey Rick,

“Fix My Back Pain saved my career as a SWAT Team Leader and prevented me from having to undergo career ending surgery.”

I just wanted to send you a thanks and to let others know about the power of your program.

As you recall I was suffering from a career ending back injury, a bulging disc in my low back confirmed by an MRI. 


There is nothing quite like endlessly enduring what feels like a hot curling iron in your back radiating around to your hip. I was preparing for surgery. 


This would surely mean retirement from my position as a SWAT Team Leader. Carrying an extra 40 lbs of unevenly distributed weight from my heavy vest, for hours on end, was wreaking havoc on my back.

After we discussed your program I put your knowledge to use. Two of the exercises which take only minutes to do created a balance and stability in my back. 
Not only that, the pinching in my nerve has subsided. I am mission ready and back to hard training.

I could write about it all day long, but I just wanted to send you over a thank you and let you know I am personally recommending your program to anyone who mentions an issue with their back. This is a life saver.

Todd Lamb

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  1. Hi Norbert. As someone who is beginning to experience back pains, this are great exercises for me to perform to help me out! The costs of playing college football!

    To be honest, the pink and blue side menu makes that side of the page tough to see. I have good eyes, but I could see someone older or with bad eyes (or both having issues).

    Good luck!

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your review, I hope this article can help you with your back pains! I kindly ask you to come back to us if this is for any help to you!

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